My Story

Understanding that our higher self, the natural world and the Spirit in all things is always guiding us, is key to finding your purpose and living in balance. It's taken me a lifetime to understand my unique path and be true to myself. Although I am grateful to the many teachers I have met, my strongest guidance has been via Nature and Animals, the realm of Spirit via my dreams and waking life, and the cells of my own body and the intelligence they hold. Honoring my own inner guidance has been the key that unlocked the door to pursuing my passions.



Each country that I have traveled to and every animal that has crossed my path has taught me about myself and the absolute perfection that exists in this world. I have found that timing in life is everything and everyone is your teacher and also your student. We are all here guiding one another mirroring our ancestral wounds, so that we can create something new in this world-- this amazing planet that is our home. We cannot create a new narrative, if we do not understand our own past and that of our ancestors, as well as the environments we have chosen to live in and the challenges they present. Animals and the natural world play a large role in guiding us to embrace the Spirit in all life.

Life Long learning

My years of experience in the corporate and small business world, as well as in the furnishings industry, gave me strong design, organizational and business skills, but always left me wanting more from life. This eventually led me to pursuing my heart in a variety of ways. I have always loved Nature and animals and had an innate sense of harmony and balance since I was a child. It was my inner guidance that eventually led me to pursuing my passions in various ways that would nurture my soul.

My spiritual path began in the 1990s while living in Washington, DC and later returning to Western New York where I began working with birds of prey and doing wildlife rehabilitation as a volunteer at a local wildlife center. My shift in perception, where I developed an ability to see energy and the realm of Spirit, also occurred during that time. Eventually I pursued animal communication training with Penelope Smith and Dawn Hayman, but it was the animals themselves, that taught me the most whether wildlife I rehabilitated or the companion animals that would live with me. It began a profound personal awakening that would test my typically analytic, rational nature. I began to realize that I had been having mystical experiences for much of my life and that animals and Nature had always been communicating with me, though I only recently began to understand many of these experiences. My shamanic healing work has been a continuous ongoing path of self revelation and communication with Nature and the realm of Spirit since that time.

I graduated with a BA in International Studies from SUNY at Buffalo and have been licensed by New York State as a wildlife rehabilitator for 20 years. Professionally my certifications include Reiki, Homeopathy for Wildlife, Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, and the Complete Creative Process for Creating Gardens, Homes and Workplaces for the Soul. Highlights of my diverse life studies include geomancy (working with the Spirit of the land) with French master builder Dominique Susani and creating sacred space with Denise Linn, both which formed a foundation for my later shamanic experiences. Training with Sandra Ingerman, Michael Stone and Hank Wesselman, further deepened my shamanic practice and enabled me to trust my own inner guidance with greater resolve, as did my soul recovery and shamanic dreamwork with Robert Moss. Studying with alternative medicine practitioner and homeopath, Sally Williams, formed the basis for my knowledge of homeopathy which I have applied to all aspects of my life and working with animals for the past 20 years. Writing and being a voice for the animals and our planet, as well as assisting humans in connecting with animals and the natural world has been my passion.

Consultations may be requested via Offerings or by calling 716-697-4657.