Inspired by a lifetime of experiences with the natural world, Clarissa combines her innate sensibilities of the world of Spirit with ancient healing arts to initiate harmony, balance and empowerment for animals and humans.

I have always had a deep connection with Nature since I was a child. The wild world always fascinated me and I was drawn to exotic places throughout my life. Animals have been a significant part of my journey as they have been my guides throughout my life and led me to various healing modalities such as homeopathy, herbal medicine and vibrational essences. The land and environments I inhabited led me to exploring animal communication, ceremonial healing and shamanic work. More recently my power animals have appeared in dreams guiding me in my life and shamanic work by helping to heal my body from stress related illness while revealing the trauma held within my ancestral lines. They have also revealed to me my unique path and the purpose of my life's work.


As a result of my own life experiences and in depth training, I have developed a comprehensive, integrated approach toward healing and empowerment for animals (and people) in which I offer communication sessions to identify issues and help guide healing processes for your animals (and you). Within a holistic framework, I offer animal communication, trauma clearing and healing sessions, shamanic journeying for guidance, ceremonial space clearing, as well as treatment of geopathic stress (land issues) which may be contributing to illness or hardship within the home. Sessions are offered via phone or at your home (as needed, local clients only). You decide where you would like to start. 


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Awen Environments

Lancaster, New York USA



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