Niagara Falls

The Awakening of the Dragon

Dragon Cloud

Recently I took my dogs to Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora shortly before sunset. As I was about to leave, I had this otherworldly sensation of something powerful in the sky and around me. It wasn't anything I could put into words, it was truly a visceral feeling that I sometimes get when I'm out in Nature. It was exactly 16 days after intense rainfall flooded our region. It wasn't until yesterday that I reviewed the photos I had taken that evening and saw the image of a dragon clearly displayed. I always receive messages in symbols and it's up to me to interpret their significance.

The city of Buffalo and the surrounding region of Western New York is a power spot on the Earth due to Niagara Falls, a natural wonder of the world. It is the place where Nikola Tesla harnessed the power of the Falls to create electricity and it is a region that once was a mecca of spiritual learning. Tribal Nations call Buffalo the Western Door to North America. It is a region influenced by water, one of the most powerful elements of the Earth. The many creeks and rivers that travel through this area all lead into the mighty Niagara River. We witnessed the power of these creeks and rivers on July 13th.

That day our region flooded, including Cayuga Creek, which runs through the town of Lancaster where I live. As my son and I watched the Cayuga flooding our local park while nearby townhouses that had been built on wetland stood under water, I could feel something powerful was occurring. Something seemed to have shifted energetically. I could feel destruction as the trees were cracking and the park trails and everything else was swept underwater, as well as this palpable power of transformation that was in the air, as people gathered from all around the area just to view the immensity of the creek flooding. Our town was not alone. The city of Buffalo also experienced major flooding in its downtown streets, as well as many other creeks overflowing into neighboring towns that day.

As nightfall came upon us while we stood in nearby Como Lake Park, the fireflies were everywhere above the flooding waters of Cayuga Creek and I remember thinking there was something magical to all the destruction that was going on. I felt that despite the sadness of the destruction, the waters were releasing energies and demanding that we honor their inherent power. Nature had been redirected for far too long. The Spirit of Water was commanding our respect and also asking us to work with her now and see beyond the immediate. I felt a sense of release of powerful Earth energies, something awakening that had long stood dormant, sleeping in Western New York. The next day I was shocked how the landscape had changed in certain areas of our park.

It wasn't until today that I realized the significance of my Dragon Cloud photos in a park that was once linked to the former glory of Buffalo, a time when this area was flourishing and drawing visitors from many continents, as powerful families influenced the economic development of this region. The Dragon cloud was a message from Spirit that something has shifted in Western New York. The dragon lines, as they were called by the Chinese in feng shui or ley lines as they are also called in geomancy, have been awakening. The city of Buffalo is revitalizing and the region is starting to heal of the toxins that have been buried here for decades since the Cold War and the end of the manufacturing era.

Headlines have also emerged of a foul-smelling black sludge that was released into Niagara Falls on the same day that I was at Knox Park. A coincidence? I don't think so. This accident has now prompted an investigation into the manner in which the water flowing into a natural world wonder is being managed. Things may get worse before they get better.  I trust that all is well and the truth shall eventually be revealed so this Earth can heal and new systems can emerge. 

The shear power and transformation that water brings not only to Western New York, but also the world, is not to be taken lightly. The inherent cleansing, healing and life giving property of water and its ability to transform landscapes needs to be recognized, as well as its sensitive energetic nature which can be transformed by our thoughts, actions and deeds. Water can heal or it can destroy. Which do we choose? The Dragon has been awakened...

Clarissa Harison is an advocate for the natural world and has been writing since the 90s about her experiences with nature on behalf of those who have no voice. Her travels and observations healing her own land, as well as her diverse background in international studies, energy of space, the corporate world and consulting/teaching work have led her to develop an intimate understanding of the perfection existing in nature and our own individual journey of finding our way back to ourselves and ultimately restoring the well being of our planet.

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